img_whatareyousayingIt pays to be very careful when you advertise your home for sale.  Instead of helping your home to sell, many ads damage the value of your property. 

The following phrases all appeared in ads in one issue of a local newspaper real estate lift out:

‘Vendor Bought – Must sell’
‘Vendor Desperate to Sell’
‘Bank says must sell’
‘Urgent – Owner gone O/S’
‘Must be sold’ (x2)
‘Urgent sale’
‘The vendors are packed…’
‘Vendors off travelling already’
‘Highly motivated vendor seeks…’
‘Owners purchased elsewhere’
‘Price reduced’
‘Owners have bought’
‘Forced Sale’
‘Vendor must sell’
‘Vendors have already purchased’
‘It’s got to go’
‘Forced sale – beat the bank’
‘An immediate sale is required’
‘Sell without delay’
‘Circumstances require immediate sale’
‘Must go under the hammer’
‘Overseas owner wants it sold’
‘Reasons force owner to sell’
‘Owner moving overseas and must sell’
‘Urgent Sale’
‘Overseas owner needs this sale’
‘Owner is desperate!’

When asked the reason why an owner is selling, an agent’s response should never be more than “the owners are selling because no longer need this property. Would you like to buy it?”  No further reasons need to be given as they are NOT relevant anyway.

Promoting anything about the sellers’ personal circumstance is a breach of an agents ethical duty to act in the sellers’ best interests, and to achieve the best price for the property.  All agents have this duty but I don’t think that it is always taken as seriously as it should be, and browsing your local real estate newspaper is proof of this.

When you consider that many of these damaging phrases are used in ads that the seller has to pay for, you can be for-given for thinking the owner is being stung twice!

While the agents would probably say that they are trying to create urgency, I would say they are trying to make a sale at any price, with the loss the sellers’ to bear.  Nobody needs this lack of profes-sionalism. So make sure your ads attract buyers, not damage the value of your home.