We don’t charge sellers for advertising
We don’t lock sellers into exclusive contracts
We don’t do auctions
We do sell a lot of houses!

1. Sellers usually have to pay an agent thousands of dollars upfront for advertising their home, leaving them heavily out of pocket if the agent doesn’t do their job.  What madness!  The professional marketing should be complimentary for the seller – isn’t this the agent’s job anyway?

2. Sellers usually have to sign a 3 month exclusive contract with an agent meaning they are stuck with that agent regardless of whether they are happy with the agent’s efforts.  Again, madness!  If an agent is confident the seller will be happy with their ongoing service why must the seller be locked in for 3 months?

3. Auctions don’t get the highest price and a failed auction means heavy dollar loss to the seller and damage to the value of the property.

The Beaches real estate conducts professional risk free sales with all the professional marketing supplied to the seller at no cost. Simply, we guarantee not to expose our sellers to any of the dangers outlined in points 1,2 & 3.

It costs no more to have the best – and absolutely nothing to check us out, so give us a call when you next need an opinion on your property.  9997 6660 – Thank you.